Did you ever wish you could have just one more hour with a loved one to ask them all the questions you didn’t take the time to ask while they were still alive?

Each Leaf on your family tree has a story to tell – more than just a name & a date.  They had loves, losses, passions, fears. Don’t let their stories be lost.

From passed relatives to recording your own memoir to share with loved ones, Leaf Stories will customize a memory book just for you.

Remembering My Story

 A memory book of your own life, recalling memories of your childhood and experiences or all sorts.  Leave a legacy….Tell your story.

Some of the memories recorded in the Remembering My Story book will include:

  • Birth Records
  • Family Pedigree
  • Brief Family History
  • Childhood Memories, including schools attended, friends, sports and so on.
  • Reflections, Regrets, Dreams
  • Favorite Vacations, Recipes
  • And more

We will provide you with a selection of available page layouts, gather all the pertinent information about your life and turn it into a memory book that will be sure to please you, your family and generations to come.

Remembering A Loved One

Honoring those who came before you by preserving their stories for all who will come after.


Remembering Military ServiceLife history of an individual with a focus on their military service.



LeafStories customizes life biographies of late relatives, or assist you in recording your own memoir to share with your loved ones.  Leave a legacy…..tell your story.

  • What was your war experience?
  • How did you meet your spouse?
  • What was your childhood like?

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions available to help write your or your loved ones story.

Don’t become an old photo in the family album.  Every face has a story to tell.